Verfasst von: nickwimmer | 2. Februar 2019

JEANNE MOREAU Lumiere (1976) OmeU im Filmmuseum Sa 2.Feb. 21:00 Uhr

Regie und Drehbuch: Jeanne Moreau / Kamera: Ricardo Aronovic / Musik: Astor Piazolla / Darsteller_Innen: Jeanne Moreau, Francine Racette, Caroline Cartier, Lucia Bose, Keith Carradine, Bruno Ganz u.a.

In THE NEW YORKER August 8, 2017 schrieb Richard Brody eine Hommage an Jeanne Moreau und ihren ersten Film, in dem sie auch Regie führte: „JEANNE MOREAU’s „LUMIERE“ DESERVES TO BE REVIVED“
„…The title, „Lumiere“, means „light“, not as in weight but as in „lights, camera, action“, and is also the family name of the brothers Louis and Auguste, wo invented the movie camera and projector and showed the first film publicly, in 1895. It’s Moreau’s first film as a director, and it’s also about the light that she casts upon her own life, her own work, her own art. Her subject is freedom – a woman’s freedom – and the gently expressed but relentlessly vigilant toughness with which it’s won and sustained…“


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