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April 1994. MoodSwing. JOSHUA REDMAN QUARTET

„While I was on tour with Joshua Redman in the mid ’90s, he came to a gig one night and said,“I just heard a piano player that I’m going to hire. I think you are really going to like him when you hear him.“ That was an understatement. A few months later, when Josh’s record MoodSwing came out, I heard the track ‚Chill‘ on the radio while driving somewhere. When the piano solo started , the playing was so compelling that I had to pull over to the side of the road to listen. It was incredibly strong and original, and exuded a confidence and point of view that I had been hungering to hear from a new player….“, schreibt PAT METHENY (*1954)über seine erste Begegnung mit diesem Pianisten, dem damals 24jährigen BRAD MEHLDAU (*1970), mit dem zusammen er im Dezember 2006 das Album METHENY MEHLDAU aufnahm. Kurz vor Ostern habe ich endlich dieses vor vierundzwanzig Jahren aufgenommene Album MoodSwing entdeckt, eine ganz wunderbare Entdeckung dieser vier 1994 noch ganz jungen und inzwischen ganz großen Jazzmusiker JOSHUA REDMAN (*1969)sax + BRAD MEHLDAU (*1970) piano + CHRISTIAN McBRIDE (*1972) bass + BRIAN BLADE (*1970) drums :


Im CD booklet schreibt Joshua Redman einen tollen JAZZ Essay : „Jazz ist suffering today, but not in the way you might think. Contrary to the warnings of some professional (and amateur) pessimists, jazz in the 90’s is alive and well. It is thriving, creative, inspired, provocative and original. What jazz suffers from today is not artistic stagnation but popular mystification. Jazz, in other words, has a rotten public image – an image which was epitomized in a comment an acquaintance made to me just the other day: „Jazz is cool and all, but it’s not really my type of thing. I mean, I respect it, but I can’t really get into it. I like music that makes me feel something. Jazz isn’t really about that. With Jazz, you gotta think all the time. Jazz is all complicated and weird. It’s for those special types of people who like talking about stuff and figuring things out. Jazz is way too deep for me.“ Und Joshua Redman setzt sich ganz wunderbar offensiv mit diesem weitest verbreiteten Jazz-Image auseinander: „This image is simple, powerful and dangerously appealing. B u t it is also egregiously false (=erbärmlich falsch). Jazz is music. Yes, jazz is intelligent music. And great jazz, like all great music, attains its value not through intellectual complexity but through emotional expressivity. True, jazz is a particularly intricate, refined and rigorous art form. . . . Nevertheless the intellectual aspects of jazz are ultimately only means to its emotional ends. . . Jazz is about feeling, communication, honesty and soul. Jazz is meant to enrich the spirit. Jazz can create jubilance. Jazz can induce melancholy. Jazz can energize. Jazz can soothe. Jazz can render you spellbound and hypnotized. Jazz can be soft or hard, heavy or light, cool or hot, bright or dark. Jazz is for your heart. Jazz moves you . . . “ – Joshua Redman April,1994
Ein großer Text. Ein großartiges Album mit elf ganz wunderbaren Joshua Redman Kompositionen.

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