Verfasst von: nickwimmer | 19. November 2017

For all those who have always wanted to know what the difference is between „GERMAN.“ and „GERMAN. REALLY?“

Ein junger Deutscher, der Photograph und Photojournalist Kaveh Rostamkhani, hat mich auf diesen superben Text einer jungen Deutschen, Rita Sonal Panjatan, aufmerksam gemacht:IMG_20171119_0007IMG_20171119_0008



IMG_20171119_0001BERLIN. Deutscher Bundestag. 

IMG_20171119_0006.jpgLONDON. Westminster Bridge. The Houses of Parliament.

IMG_20171119_0004LONDON. Greenwich Park.  PHOTOS: Nick Wimmer

Als ich diesen Text auf Facebook teilte, schrieb eine junge Deutsche, Anna B., die am Goldsmiths University of London Interactive Media studiert hat, „Yes! Never in my life did I feel so German as in London. While in Germany I have always been referred to as Russian (even though I am not).  Nevertheless,  having  m u l t i p l e  cultural and national identities felt perfectly normal in London, but is still a weird concept in Germany.“ Worauf Rita Sonal Panjatan, die ebenfalls in London studierte und an der LSE einen MSc machte, Annas Erfahrung bestätigte: „I had the same experience in London, that’s what made it so shocking when I returned to Germany.“ Und in einem weiteren Kommentar schreibt Rita: „ The German lady was a leftist 50 something who would probably hold candle vigils against RACISM. This is not to bash a single woman, it is a very very common conversation, regardless of age, social background, gender or what have you. As long as Racism is understood to mean only the extreme of Nazis beating people up, the self-reflection cannot begin. But I’m starting to see a shift, albeit very slowly. Frustratingly slowly, but it is beginning to happen.“

Rita has recently started to write a blog „Critical Reflections on a World in Motion“:    


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