Verfasst von: nickwimmer | 13. November 2017

BRAD MEHLDAU & CHRIS THILE live in München. Di 14.Nov. 20 Uhr. Prinzregententheater

Gestern in London, heute in Paris und morgen Dienstag 14.November 2017  20:00 Uhr in München CHRIS THILE mandolin & vocals + BRAD MEHLDAU piano & vocals.          


In einer gerade veröffentlichten Review des Londoner Konzerts gestern abend im Barbican schreibt heute in LONDON JAZZ  Leah Williams: „Brad Mehldau is the kind of artist that sells out venues, and tonight was no exception. However, on this ocasion he was not alone and he wasn’t simply in his usual guise of jazz pianist extraordinaire. As part of a new project, Mehldau has teamed up with mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile to create a new, distinctive sound that combines their strengths . . . . this is a style of their own and it is consistently spellbinding. Whether they were pushing boundaries and playing with frenetic energy or stripping the sound back, they displayed an incredible synchronicity and timing that seemed to float in and out of improvisation and order with telepathetic ease. Chris Thile was simply mesmerising to watch on stage . . . Mehldau alongside was, expectedly, quietly brilliant with his eyes closed and inner being lost in the pleasure of playing.Their obvious enjoyment in this music-making together was tangible throughout and radiated out unbound into the audience. By the final number, a simply outstanding and rousing cover of Bob Dylan’s ‚Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright‘ no-one could contain themselves further and there were unbridled shouts of joy . . .this culminated in a standing ovation  and enough enthusiasm to bring the duo back out onto stage for not one but two encores.  A rare meeting of two musicians at the top of their games, who have combined their talents and differences to create a fresh and exciting sound, making for a simply unforgettable performance.“ (On Monday, November 13, 2017)

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