Verfasst von: nickwimmer | 31. August 2017

„The seven days which began on 31 August 1997 with news of the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and . . .

. . . ended on 6 September with her funeral are unlikely to be forgotten by those who lived through them“, schrieb THE ROYAL MAIL 1997 im Begleittext zu diesen fünf  ROYAL MAIL MINT STAMPS


20 Jahre später veröffentlicht HILARY MANTEL (u.a. Wolf Hall, Bring Up The Bodies, Preisträgerin 2009 THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE) im GUARDIAN Saturday 26.08.2017 einen fulminanten analytischen Essay “ T h e   p r i n c e s s   m y t h   –  The princess we invented had little to do with any actual person. She was only loosely based on the woman born  D i a n a   S p e n c e r “                                                                                                                         

2 Kostproben aus Hilary Mantels Essay:

R O Y A L  time should move slowly and by its own laws: creeping,  like the flow of  chrism* from a jar. But 20 ordinary years have jog-trotted by, and it’s possible to have a grownup conversation with someone who wasn’t born when Diana died. Her widower is long remarried. Her eldest son, once so like her, shows signs of developing the ponderous look of Philip, his grandfather . . .“    (* c h r i s m  = a mixture of oil and balsam )

From her first emergence in public, sun shining through her skirt, Diana was exploited, for money, for thrills, for laughs. She was not a saint or a rebel who needs our posthumous assistance – she was a young woman of scant personal resources who believed she was basking* with dolphins when she was foundering* among sharks . . .“  b a s k  = lie exposed to warmth and light for pleasure;  f o u n d e r  = to sink and drown . . .  im Haifischbecken )

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