Verfasst von: nickwimmer | 13. Oktober 2015

Im Lock-Text der Schauburg zu BEAT FÄHs wundervollen neuen Theaterarbeit „Die Entdeckung der Langsamkeit“…

wird aus DANIEL PENNACs Chagrin d’´ecole (2007), Schulkummer (dt.2009), eine kostbare Passage zitiert, die ‚auf John Franklins Lehrer Dr.Orme zutreffen könnte:  „Dann erschien mein erster Retter…..“ ‚  Heute wurde mir aus England die englische Ausgabe School Blues (2010) geschickt, mit dem Vorwort und der Umschlaggestaltung des großen QUENTIN BLAKE („…we must hope, as we read School Blues that some of the people responsible for the organisation of education will read it too.“)


In der sorgfältig schönen Übersetzung SARAH ARDIZZONEs ins Englische klingt die Passage aus dem Locktext so: „Then along came my first saviour. A French teacher. When I was fourteen. Who spotted me for what I was : a sincere and joyously suicidal storyteller. No doubt amazed by my increasingly inventive excuses as to why I hadn’t done my revision or my homework, he decided to excuse me from essays and commision a novel instead….This teacher…had spotted the narrator in me. Despite my severe spelling problems, he’d clearly realized that the only way to get through to me was via narrative. I wrote that novel with enthusiasm….I don’t think I made substantial progress in any subject that year, but, for the first time in my experience, a teacher had accorded me some kind of status; I existed academically, as an individual with a path to follow, and as someone who kept going to the end. I feel boundless gratitude towards my benefactor, of course, and although the old man was rather aloof, he became privy to my secret reading sessions. ‚Well, Pennacchioni, what are you reading at the moment?‘ For there was reading. I didn’t realize, then, that reading would save me….“ (p. 72 f.)


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