Verfasst von: nickwimmer | 5. November 2014

„There is a Homeric magic in the sight of a crowd of children sitting down waiting to listen to your story…“,



…sagt Frank Cottrell Boyce, der englische Autor so faszinierender Kinderbücher wie MILLIONS und THE UNFORGOTTEN COAT, in einem Vortrag in Oxford, über den Mark Brown am 17. Oktober 2014 in THE GUARDIAN* vorab berichtete: „…Boyce will passionately defend reading for the sake of reading. The writer will argue children are too often asked to analyse the text of a book or respond to a story with their own story, polluting the whole reading experience. Boyce recounts one experience when he read aloud in a school. After he read his story, a young, newly qualified teacher addressed the children. She said: ‚ We’re going to use our listening skills to try and spot the writer’s wow words and his connectives so that we can appreciate how he builds the story‘. Teaching in the classroom can kill the pleasure of reading, says Frank Cottrell Boyce. (* Text online: Mark Brown Teaching can kill the pleasure of reading THE GUARDIAN googeln und schon taucht der Text auf unter der Überschrift: Frank Cottrell Boyce: excessive analysis of books puts kids off reading )

Photo: Das lesende Mädchen (South Poole, Devon)

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