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In Lee’s Summit, Missouri, ist am 12. August 1954 PAT METHENY auf die Welt

gekommen, vor sechzig Jahren.*** HAPPY BIRTHDAY*** Und zur Feier des Tages dieses wunderbare Duet-Album  “ beyond the Missouri Sky (short stories)“ by Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny , aufgenommen im April 1996, wieder hören, und nicht nur einmal. Charlie Haden,  am 6. August 1937 auf die Welt gekommen, aufgewachsen auch in Missouri, in Forsyth, kurz vor seinem 77.Geburtstag gestorben,heute vor einem Monat. Der große amerikanische Jazzbassist sagte über den Jüngeren:  “ I have always admired Pat’s musical vision. His melodies, chords and voicing are unique unto him. He is an innovator in the sound he gets, as he is in his composing and his improvising…His musical presentation is always beyond category, and his sense of the sound in music that comes from the feeling of this country is uncanny. Of course, he is from Missouri, as I am, which surely has something to do with it. I call this sound „contemporary impressionistic americana“. Und Pat Metheny, der große amerikanische Jazzgitarrist sagte über den Älteren:  “ Charlie and I both grew up in small towns in Missouri….For me as a kid growing up there, it was a place to dream…as much as I loved it there, it was also filled with a restlessness and curiosity about the whole world that I knew existed beyond the Missouri sky…I do know that we share a lot of the same aspirations about what music can be, and especially the open attitude and curiosity that I believe we’ve both retained from growing up as musicians who filled the hours of our formative years dreaming about music out there in the heartland of America…whatever the material suggests, Charlie will reinvent it to make it his own, at the same time providing the music with the fundamental elements it needs to become truly profound. That quality, found in only the greatest musicians, continues to be absolutely inspiring to me“. (Verve CD, Texte: Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny)


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