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Philip Pullman ,“Let me tell you a tale….“

im GUARDIAN Interview (Samstag 24.08.2013, Family Section page 4)über Kinder und Geschichten und Geschichtenerzählen und Kinderreime und Lieder und warum das alles viel wichtiger ist als Rechtschreibung und Zeichensetzung:
„Why“, fragt der Interviewer Jon Henley,“are the storybook, and the story, so crucially important?“ Und Philip Pullman(*1946 in Norwich, der Autor der His Dark Materials Trilogie) antwortet:
„I’m convinced that these – these and nursery rhymes – are the foundations of all subsequent language skills. These are the fundamental things, the real basics. Our politicians talk about ‚the basics‘ all the time, but what they mean are things that you can correct at the last minute on your word processor: spelling, punctuation, that kind of thing. But the most basic thing of all is your attitude to language. If your attitude to language has been generated by a parent who enjoys it with you, who sits you on their lap and reads and tells stories and sings songs with you and talks about the story and asks questions and answers your questions, then you will grow up with a basic sense that language is fun. Language is for talking and sharing things and enjoying rhymes and songs and riddles and things like that…A sense that language belongs to us, and we belong in it, and that it’s fun to be there and we can take risks with it and say silly things in it and it doesn’t matter and it’s funny. All of that.
If, however, your sense of language is that it’s something you’ve got to get correct and you mustn’t get it wrong and you’re going to get marked on it, judged on it, well…That’s a pretty poor show“.

Der Link zum großen Interview:
http://www.the…/philip pullman-dark-materials-children : ‚Loosening the chains of the imagination‘

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