Verfasst von: nickwimmer | 19. August 2011

Und auch in London, gestern nacht, Viktoria Mullova and The Matthew Barley Ensemble in der Royal Albert Hall

Gestern nacht, 22.15, Royal Albert Hall, London, ein Konzert der Geigerin Viktoria Mullova and The Matthew Barley Ensemble (Matthew Barley,cello – Julian Joseph,piano – Paul Clarvis,drums and percussion – Sam Walton,marimba, vibraphone and percussion), Tickets für 10 Pfund, 8.30 Euro, in London. Hätte ich das gerne gehört. Aber, es gibt jetzt eine Doppel-CD dieses großartigen Projekts (bei ONYX erschienen): The Peasant Girl, Kompositionen von DuOud, John Lewis, Florian Hermann, Bratsch, Bela Bartok, Joe Zawinul (Weather Report), Youssou N’Dour und Zoltan Kodaly, wirklich in dieser unerhört überzeugenden Verbindung.

„We found as the programme took shape“, sagt der Cellist Matthew Barley, „that certain themes were emerging – obviously Hungary was there with Kodaly and Bartok, as was the world of the gypsy, and several of the jazz pieces seemed to point in that direction too. It soon became clear that almost all the music in some way reflected the phenomenal influence that the gypsies have had on swathes of music in the 20th century – so much so that when you delve deep into a work like Kodaly’s monumental Duo for violin and cello, you realize that instead of listening to this as a classical work with gypsy influence, you can hear it as gypsy music that has been given a rather smart set of clothes yet one that doesn’t change the heart inside them.“ Und: „…we work as five equal musicians, all contributing different threads from our different backgrounds, both musical and cultural, to make a whole that feels greater than the sum of our parts.“

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